Next up on the UFC Vegas 16 main card is a light heavyweight encounter between Roman Dolidze and John Allan.

Round 1: Dolidze starts off with a couple of body kicks. Both fighters strike at the same time and it results in a scramble with Dolidze taking Allan down. Dolidze switches angles and enters Allan’s guard again. Dolidze stands up and looks to strike while Allan remains offensive with up kicks. Dolidze goes for a leg lock but Allan escapes and the fight goes back to the feet. Allan lands a couple of good rights. Dolidze lands a nice jab. Dolidze lands a good body kick but Allan responds with one of his own. Dolidze lands an inside leg kick. Dolidze hurts Allan who drops to the ground. Dolidze goes for another leg lock but Allan escapes and attempts a guillotine only for Dolidze to escape this time. The round comes to an end.

Round 2: Dolidze lands an accidental shot to the groin. Allan doesn’t take long to recover and the fight resumes. Allan lands a nice jab. Dolidze responds with a leg kick. After striking for a bit, Dolidze takes Allan down and is in side control. Allan lands a nice elbow from the bottom in the half guard position. Dolidze is trying to get the mount but Allan is doing a good job of defending. Dolidze passes to side control but goes back to half guard. Dolidze goes for another leg lock but Allan escapes as the second round comes to an end.

Round 3: Dolidze starts off with a body kick. He lands a nice leg kick soon after. Allan lands a nice right which draws a smile from Dolidze. Dolidze lands a body kick. Allan lands a jab but is clearly behind in this fight as he needs to take more of an initiative. Allan connects with a leg kick. Dolidze attempts another takedown but Allan defends it this time. He connects with a right as Dolidze separates. Allan is pressuring more now and gets the body lock and takes Dolidze down. Dolidze scrambles and gets to his feet as he attempts a double leg. He gets Allan down once again. Dolidze ends the fight on top in half guard and should get the decision victory.

Official result: Roman Dolidze defeats John Allan via split decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).