Ricardo Lamas Defeats Bill Algeo After Three Round War


Opening the main card is a short notice featherweight bout for Bill Algeo against Ricardo Lamas.

Round 1: Algeo opens with a flurry of kicks on all different levels before Lamas shoots in for a takedown clamping on Algeo’s neck. Algeo gets free as Lamas begins to land on the feet with a combination to the body and head. Algeo pushes Lamas to the cage with a combination the two clinch against the fence. The position is reversed by Lamas, and reversed by Algeo again. The two separate, Lamas throws a kick before being hit with a combination by Algeo. Lamas lands to the body and legs with kicks before the two trade jabs. Lamas lands an uppercut and then left hook. Algeo backs up Lamas to the cage before the pair assume the center where Algeo gets stung with an uppercut. He recovers and the two continue to trade kicks. Algeo lands a combination that sees Lamas circle away from the cage. Lamas continues to attack the front leg of Lamas before being backed against the cage and hit with a combination of knees and elbows. The pair remain clinched on the cage until the buzzer sounds.

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Round 2: Lamas opens attacking Algeo’s lead leg. Algeo lands a head kick that goes unphased by Lamas. Algeo continues to land a big right hand that is shrugged off as well. Lamas shoots in and secures back mount. Algeo scrambles his way back to his feet. Alego pushes Lamas against the cage and proceeds to land shots before Lamas is able to circle away. Algeo puts together a combination finishing with a head kick. Lamas shoots a takedown pushing Algeo to the cage to which he defends with elbows. Algeo reverses position before Lamas reverses back and lands knees to the leg while Algeo elbows his back. Lamas disengages with a spinning back elbow. The pair clinch in the center of the ring before Algeo lands a big knee that stuns Lamas allowing him to secure the takedown. Lamas reverses position before the pair return to the feet. The pair clinch against the cage again. Lamas lands a calf kick on Algeo followed by a strong right hand. Lamas lands a head kick before the round bell sounds.

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Round 3: Lamas opens with back to back head kicks, Algeo attemps a spinning back him but it misses. Lamas lands on the calf of Algeo again, Lamas continues with the kicks landing on all levels. Lamas shoots in before pushing Algeo to the cage where. Lamas eventually gets the takedown ending up in Algeo’s guard where the two exchange elbows. Lamas trying to pass ends up on his back. Lamas in a crucifix position. Landing some ground and pound as Algeo attempts to scramble out. The two return to the feet before Lamas secures another takedown. Lamas takes the back and looks for a choke before Algeo removes the hooks. Lamas secures the hooks again and transitions to mount. Algeo gives his back and is taking heavy ground and pound as the last seconds of the round run out.

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Official Result: Ricardo Lamas def. Bill Algeo via Unanimous Decision