Referee Marc Goddard Says He Received Death Threats After UFC 245

Marc Goddard

British referee Marc Goddard has revealed he received an incredible amount of abuse and even death threats in the aftermath of UFC 245.

The veteran fight official was the man in the middle as Kamaru Usman defended his welterweight title against Colby Covington. In the fifth and final round of the fight of the year candidate, Usman poured it on dropping his opponent. Goddard stepped in and waved off the fight, to the displeasure of Covington and his fans who believed he was robbed by the referee.

Speaking to the Score after the fight, Covington said. “How f*cking stupid are you Marc Goddard? Get a new job because you f*cking suck at your job you piece of sh*t. And stay in England, don’t come back to America you f*cking c*cksucker.” 

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“I promise you Marc Goddard will not come within 10 feet of me in the same room of anything I ever do in my life without getting smacked and without getting a wedgie upside his head.”

After receiving abuse and death threats since UFC 245, Goddard has finally responded during the LISTEN podcast with former UFC fighter and commentator Dan Hardy. Speaking about Covington he said the welterweights comments were totally inappropriate,” “abusive” and “threatening”.

Although disappointed with the feedback he’s received Goddard insists he stands by his decision and will accept whatever criticism comes his way.

“I’m a professional, I take it in stride…Difficult fight [but] I know I handled it on the money, to a T,” Goddard said.

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“I didn’t respond [to Covington’s comments], I didn’t have to,” he added. “Where would that leave me? On a professional basis, I get into it with a fighter on Twitter? I’m always going to come off worse. So, you rise above and then you move away.”

“The abuse was incalculable from that fight. But you know what, suck it up, because you’re an official and that’s your job.” (Transcribed by

Did referee Marc Goddard make the right call at UFC 245?