Next up on the UFC Vegas 13 main card is a bantamweight bout between Raoni Barcelos and Khalid Taha.

Round 1: Both fighters are striking early. However, it’s Barcelos landing the quicker and more effective strikes. He has Taha pressured up against the fence but Taha does well to get the fight back in the center. Barcelos takes him down soon after. Taha does well to scramble but Barcelos still remains in control of him. Barcelos has Taha’s back but Taha reverses and enter the guard of Barcelos. Barcelos looks to sink in an armbar but Taha remains safe and has Barcelos’ back as he gets to his feet. Barcelos reverses and has the underhooks. They separate and return to striking. Barcelos lands a leg kick that was clearly buckled Taha. Taha advances forward as Barcelos partially lands a flying knee on his chest. The first round comes to an end.

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Round 2: Barcelos lands a leg kick. He lands another one and follows it up with a left hook. He blocks a big right overhand from Taha soon after. He times a flying knee which connects but Taha eats it well. The fight is momentarily stopped as Taha receives an accidental kick to the groin. The fight resumes after a small break. Barcelos continues to land kicks as Taha looks to counter with a big right. Barcelos is landing a lot more strikes but Taha is still in it as he lands some counters of his own. Barcelos is mixing it up with leg and body kicks and appears to have hurt Taha. Barcelos lands a big knee to the head and looks for the finish with a huge onslaught but Taha survives to make the third round!

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Round 3: Barcelos continues the onslaught to start the third round. Taha is looking overwhelmed as he gets taken down soon after as Barcelos lands a number of strikes. Barcelos takes his back and controls it for a good portion of the fight before Taha gets to his feet and looks to get the finish with just over two minutes remaining. Taha is the one advancing forward now. Barcelos looks a bit fatigued but is still throwing strikes. Barcelos lands some big leg kicks with one dropping Taha. Taha looks for the takedown attempt soon after but fails. They swing with reckless abandon to end the fight.

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Official result: Raoni Barcelos defeats Khalid Taha via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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