PFL 5: Schulte vs. High Results

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The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is back in New York for the fifth event of the season. This time around the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island will host the action. There is a total of eight fights on the docket tonight (Aug 2, 2018).

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Prelim Results:

Thiago Tavares (21-8-1) vs. Arthur Estrazulas (10-3)

  •  Thiago Tavares defeats Arthur Estrazulas via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Dan Spohn (17-5) vs. Artur Alibulatov (19-3)

  •  Dan Spohn defeats Artur Alibulatov via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-27, 29-27)

Chris Wade (12-4) vs. Yuki Kawanna (14-2-5)

  •  Chris Wade defeats Yuki Kawanna via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:24 of round one

Main Card Results:

Will Brooks (19-4) vs. Robert Watley (11-1)

Brooks closes the distance quickly and wrestles Watley to the ground within the first 60 seconds of the first round. Watley bounces back up to his feet. However, Brooks is all over him. Brooks lands a big knee in the clinch, but the referee separated the men due to inactivity. Watley shoots a double with a minute left in the opening round. The round ends with the fighters in a clinch.

Brooks clinches Watley against the cage very quickly in round two but stalls for nearly two minutes. Brooks lifts Watley up for a big slam, but again Watley bounces right back up to his feet. Brooks is seemingly attached to Watley and again wrestles him to the canvas. Brooks takes Watley’s back with 90 seconds left in the round, softening up Watley with punches but constantly looking for the RNC.

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Watley engages Brooks quickly to start the final round. Brooks again ends up with a body lock and drags Watley back to the canvas and quickly sinks in both hooks. Brooks is peppering Watley with punches again looking for the choke. Watley gets to his feet with 60 seconds left in the fight and lands a knee that wobbles Brooks, but Brooks somehow again ends up clinched with Watley against the cage as the fight ends.

  •  Will Brooks defeats Robert Watley via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Maxim Grishin (27-7) vs. Rakim Cleveland (19-9-1)

Grishin shoots for a double leg takedown, Cleveland sprawls nicely and sinks in a guillotine choke. Grishin defends the choke, Cleveland lands a nice knee as the fighters get back to their feet. Cleveland lands a knee to the groin (illegal); the referee pauses the action. Round one resumed and the last two minutes were fought on the feet.

Round two starts and Grishin presses the action. Cleveland lands a body kick backing Grishin up, a big head kick followed. Grishin manages to catch a leg and drag Cleveland down to the canvas. Grishin sinks both hooks in with 90 seconds left and flattens out Cleveland. The Russian locks in a rear naked choke.

  •  Maxim Grishin defeats Rakim Cleveland via submission (RNC) at 4:03 of round two
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Rashid Magomedov (20-2) vs. Luiz Firmino (20-9)

Firmino pressured Magomedov from the opening bell of round one and quickly secured a takedown. Firmino effortlessly takes Magomedov’s back and looks for an RNC for the majority of the round. Magomedov hits a switch and reverses top position with 60 seconds left in the first round.

Round two starts with Firmino landing several hard leg kicks on Magomedov. Two minutes into the round and Magomedov is finding his rhythm in the stand-up game, landing some nice jabs and combos. Firmino is wearing the punches from Magomedov badly and looks to take the Russian down in the last minute of round two. Magomedov keeps the fight standing.

Round three starts with both men throwing wildly in the center of the cage. The Russian got the better of the exchanges. Both guys continue to land big punches in spurts; their chins are on full display tonight. Firmino clinches Magomedov against the cage with 90 seconds left in the fight. The referee separates the men at 55 seconds due to stalling. The fight ends in a flurry of punches from both fighters.

  •  Rashid Magomedov defeats Luiz Firmino via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
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Vinny Magalhães (15-9) vs. Brandon Halsey (11-3)

Both men crash into each other in the center of the decagon to start round one. Halsey landed a nice right hand, but Magalhaes clips Halsey with a right head kick. Halsey falls to the canvas, and Magalhaes jumps all over him with a barrage of hammerfists and backhands until the referee stops the fight.

  •  Vinny Magalhaes defeats Brandon Halsey via TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:34 of round one

Natan Schulte (12-3) vs. Jason High (21-7)

Schulte is the aggressor in the early going of round one, picking his shots as he backs up High. High lands a nice judo throw but Schulte bounces back to his feet immediately. Schulte again gets the better of High on the feet and lands a takedown of his own. High finds himself in some big trouble just halfway through the first round as Schulte sinks in a rear naked choke. High goes unconscious.

  •  Natan Schulte defeats Jason High via submission (RNC) at 4:18 of round one