Nate Diaz Responds To Conor McGregor’s GOAT List

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz has labelled himself the greatest fighter of all time in response to Conor McGregor’s GOAT list which was released earlier today. The Irishman ranked only Anderson Silva ahead of himself on the list. While George St-Pierre is third on his list and light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is fourth. McGregor did go on to say he hadn’t taken failed drugs tests into consideration when making his list – had he done so he believes that would make him “the clear” MMA GOAT.

“I didn’t mentions PED results on multiple entrants, even though that makes me the clear current No.1 MMA GOAT, along with still being active, McGregor wrote. “Although it shames, as well as puts all runs+finishes in complete doubt, I’ve snored multiple juice heads. A true GOAT must do it all.”

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Long-time rival Nate Diaz who was the first fighter to beat McGregor inside the octagon has taken to social media to declare himself the greatest for stopping the Irishman in a more impressive fashion than anyone else, he wrote.

“Smoked the #1 p4p and double champ know the real Goat when you see him. And don’t for get I did it better and quicker than anyone else on the ground and sent him down with punches quicker than Mayweather did so fuck alll y’all rankings and know a real goat when you see me. P4p the baddest motherfucker here fuck all y’all.”

Diaz stepped up on late notice to fight McGregor in a welterweight bout at UFC 196 in March 2016. The Ultimate Fighter winner caused a monumental upset on the night to submit the reigning featherweight champion inside two rounds.

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A few months later and McGregor would get his revenge in one of the greatest MMA fights of all-time. Both men went to war over five hard rounds but it was the Irish fighter who emerged victorious by way of a majority decision.

What do you make of the response from Nate Diaz to Conor McGregor’s GOAT list?