MMA’s 10 Hardest Hitters According To The Fighters

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Mark Hunt

Fan favorite Mark Hunt has wrecking balls for fists, and throughout his career fans have become accustomed to watching him deliver his trademark ‘walk-off KOs,’ casually strolling off after one-punch finishes like it was no big deal.

Few fighters are better placed to answer the question of who the sports heaviest hitter than Frank Mir, given that he has more fights in the Octagon than anyone else.

”I’ve now been hit by Roy Nelson, Junior Dos Santos, you name it,” Mir told FOX Sports.  “I’ve been hit by some of the most powerful guys in the division and I was never really able to answer that question when someone asked me, ‘Who hits the hardest?’ And now, I’ll tell people, I’ve never been hit like I was hit by Mark Hunt.”

Hunt’s sparring partners agree, such as UFC heavyweight fighter Tai Tuivasa.

”He’s the hardest person I’ve ever been hit by,” Tuivasa told the media down under. “It’s like running into a wall or let someone hit you over the head with a bat.”

Joe Rogan is also an admirer of Hunt’s ability to switch people’s lights out, nicknaming him, ‘Captain Concussion’ on his JRE podcast while claiming that, “he hits like a f***ing asteroidal impact.”