Video – Mike Tyson terrifies reporter at Jake Paul presser over ‘Gimmick’ fight jab: ‘What did you just call me?’

Mike Tyson terrifies reporter at Jake Paul presser after gimmick fight jab what did you call me

Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson appeared to scare a reporter during a press conference for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul.

Tyson is set to return to the ring on July 20 against Jake Paul in a fight airing live on Netflix. It’s a fight that some fans are looking forward to, while others think it is a gimmick fight.

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

At the press conference, one fan called it a gimmick fight, which made Mike Tyson mad as he asked the reporter ‘what did you call me?’ and seemed to genuinely get angry.

“Age is not a determinant of strength, will or skill. It’s about character and conviction,” Tyson later said.

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Boxing Mike Tyson to face Jake Paul in a professional

It was a heated exchange as Tyson was not a fan of the reporter calling him a gimmick, or an easy fight, which he seemed to imply by asking Jake Paul when he’s going to box a real fighter.

Mike Tyson guarantees violence Against Jake Paul

Although Mike Tyson is 57-years-old, he still has insane power and can knock anyone out.

However, the fight against Paul will only be two minute rounds, which Tyson says he asked for as he believes it will lead to violence.

“I wanted the shorter rounds because I wanted more action. If we only have two minutes, we’ll fight more,” Tyson said… “He was a new up-and-coming guy on the scene, and I like shaking the sports world to its core and I’m doing it now. It’s just something I want to do.”

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Paul, meanwhile, is confident he has more power than Tyson and plans to prove that on July 20.

Mike Tyson
Mandatory Credit: Joe Scarnici – USA TODAY Sports

“I’m a natural born heavyweight. This is what I was born to do, to move up into this weight class. I’m going to show Mike who has more power because he’s underestimating me. I think everyone else is underestimating me and I believe that I hit harder. I know it’s going to be tough. I know I’m going to have to fight through adversity. I know I might even go to the canvas. I’m scared, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not about the fear stopping me. It’s about going into it, even though I am scared. That’s what true bravery is,” Paul said.

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Paul is currently a -170 favorite to defeat Tyson who is a +130 underdog.