Mike Perry Hints At Missed Weight Cut, Retirement From MMA

Mike Perry
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Mike Perry wasn’t joking about his weight after all.

The fan favourite welterweight took to Twitter to detail the struggle he has had making weight ahead of his fight against Tim Means at UFC 255. Perry – who less than two weeks said he still had 25 pounds left to cut – claims he currently sits at 177 but is unable to cut anymore. He also mentioned that he initially tried to get a fight at 185 pounds, but for whatever reason was not granted one. The cut has apparently taken such a toll on Perry that it has him considering leaving MMA altogether.

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As it is always worth noting when it comes to Perry, he is known for his love of playing with the media and fans, so this whole account may just be a rouse. But if he is telling the truth, then the tumultuous weight cut is just another obstacle Perry will have to overcome ahead of his fight. The lead-up to UFC 255 has already seen him be involved in a bar fight, have allegations of domestic abuse cast on him, have a planned cornerman auction shut down by the UFC, seen a late opponent change, and have a corner consisting of his pregnant girlfriend and a friend of his.

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Whether he is telling the truth or not, we will find out when he officially weighs in. Either way, Perry has no time to listen to anyone throwing shade in his direction.

If he is telling the truth about his weight, here’s hoping that he is able to safely make it to the fight and cooler heads prevail when it comes to talks of retirement.

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Do you believe Mike Perry about his weight? Do you think he may retire? Let us know!