Miesha Tate recently found herself in hot water after saying she would never join OnlyFans because she is not “desperate.”

The former UFC & Strikeforce bantamweight champion seemed to be implying the people on the site, some of them fellow fighters, are “desperate” and it hasn’t gone down well at all.

‘Cupcake’ has now attempted to clarify her OnlyFans comments and claimed they were made in jest. The WMMA pioneer claims to have friends on the platform and insists she would never intentionally disrespect them or anyone else using the site.

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“I was being harassed and responded jokingly, this is being taken way out of context. I support women doing whatever they want to,” Tate wrote on Twitter.

As angry messages kept flooding in Tate did her best to rectify the situation.

“Ladies this was taken way out of context, I had a some fans harassing me insinuating I needed to start an only fans,” Tate said in response to a woman claiming to be disgusted by her comments. “I responded jokingly, this was not a statement I made about other women. I appreciate we can all have our own choices and I support women 100%

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Ultimately, Tate issued an apology for her comments and clarified they were not representative of how she feels about OnlyFans or people who work in the adult film industry.

“That’s fair and I am truly sorry I have friends the industry and I support that 100%,” Tate wrote. “In no way shape or form was it my intention to put anyone down, I am only human I let someone make me mad and what I said to them was not a rep of how I feel about this as a whole.”

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Miesha Tate Receives The Support Of Pornstar Kendra Lust

Tate’s friend, who happens to be a world-renowned pornstar, leaped to her defence and insisted ‘Cupcake’ would never intentionally put down other women.

“I know Miesha she is a friend,” Kendra Lust wrote. “i know how she said it came off .. but i know thats not how she meant it. She has supported me always. I believe her Miesha is one the sweetest that would never intentionally put down other women for there career choices because its adult”

Do you think Miesha Tate’s OnlyFans comments were out of line?

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