The first UK-born UFC world champion in history ‘The Count’ Michael Bisping is not impressed with the behavior of ‘The Baddy’ Paddy Pimblett, although he understands.

Michael Bisping was a controversial figure in early MMA who was despised by fans due to his trash talk, arrogance, and wit. The former UFC champion ‘The Count’ is speaking from a place of experience when it comes to Paddy ‘The Baddy’ getting poor reception from fans.

Paddy Pimblett recently eeked a close and controversial decision win against unranked Jared Gordon. Most media members and fans scored the fight in favor of Gordon. Paddy claims that the fight wasn’t even close.

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Michael Bisping discusses Paddy Pimblett

Michael Bisping, alongside UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith, explained his point of view on his podcast. Bisping said:

“I think what Paddy needs to do is just humble himself a little bit. Stop with this I’m the new cash cow sh*t.  When I asked him who would he want to fight next [he said] ‘I don’t need to say anyone’s name because I am the man. I’m the boy, I’m the cash cow.’ You’re yet to fight someone ranked! When you’re dominating people that’s all well and good. [But] when you’re scraping by a victory it doesn’t have the same effect and it starts to rub people off the wrong way.”

The 43-year-old ‘The Count’ continued:

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“The way he handled it afterward wasn’t the best.  I can’t talk sh*t because I did a similar thing myself, back in the day. I’ve literally been in that position fifteen years ago. You’re young, you get a lot of attention, and maybe a bit of it goes to your head … It doesn’t matter how big you get because the court of public opinion will bring you back down to earth pretty f*cking quick, and that’s what he experienced.”

Bisping concluded:

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“I’m not hating. I’m just being honest in what I saw.”

See Michael Bisping’s full breakdown on Paddy Pimblett on his podcast below:

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