Luis Pena 911 Call Audio: ‘He Punched Me In The Face’

Luis Pena

Luis Pena was recently arrested for the second time this year on charges relating to domestic violence.

The lightweight fighter has since been released by the UFC due to his ongoing legal troubles.  

Last week, Pena was accused of striking two women. According to the police report, ‘Violent Bob Ross’ was beating up his girlfriend when a passer-by intervened. Pena then struck the good Samaritan and was subsequently charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and simple battery.

Since then, TMZ has obtained audio taken from the 911 call Pena’s girlfriend made. At the start of the call, she identifies him as a UFC fighter and goes on to claim that he punched her.

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“Well, I wasn’t trying to snitch,” the woman said on the call. “But since my boyfriend wants to be an asshole – he put his hands on me, and he’s got to go.”

“He punched me in the face,” she said. “But he did this also two days ago, I have the marks. I have a Band-Aid on my back. I have everything to prove it. So I would like the police to come and I want them to remove him so I can get my things and go the f*ck home.”

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The woman goes on to refer to another time Pena was arrested for hitting her only for the charges to be dropped as she refused to cooperate with the investigation.

“(The police) were mad because I wouldn’t cooperate because I didn’t want to snitch on him,” she said. “But unfortunately, I have to now. So I would like them to come back.

“We have a no contact order, so technically we shouldn’t even be living together. I really need the cops to come and get him out now, because I have scratches and bruises all over me from him. I need him gone. I’m done, and I need help … please.”

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Pena was arrested in June following an incident of domestic violence. The now-former UFC fighter was arrested on battery charges, robbery by sudden snatching, and criminal mischief after striking his girlfriend and destroying her phone. After the event, Pena took to social media to discuss his long-term and ongoing battle with mental health issues.

Do you think the UFC made the right call by cutting Luis Pena?

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