“Stopped a shooting a week ago and y’all gonna book me” – Kevin Holland on being apprehended by police

Kevin Holland

UFC fighter Kevin Holland is a fighter known for his heroic deeds. In addition to being a quick striker in the octagon, he has been playing Batman and saving people around Texas. Thus far in 2022, ‘Trailblazer’ helped save a man trapped under a truck and apprehended a gunman in a restaurant. However, the 29-year-old athlete was recently apprehended by the police.

In an interview with TMZ, the US-born fighter explained he was pulled over on the way to pick up someone from the airport and was forced to pay for a ticket. He was then taken downtown for several hours for processing until he reminded authorities that he can simply pay the ticket with cash as he initially offered. Holland explains:

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“I got pulled over one night on my way to the airport, right, they were like, ‘We gotta book you, I’m like, ‘book me for what?’ They’re like ‘for tickets,’ I’m like ‘tickets? How much are the tickets? I got the money right now, I’ll pay you.'”

This was shortly after the 23-7 fighter stopped a shooting in a restaurant, although the police had no idea who Holland was. He continued:

“I’m there for like three or four hours. This is way back on my birthday … I just literally stopped a shooting a week ago and y’all gonna book me for some tickets?”

Kevin Holland went on the say that after several hours he paid with cash, and went on his way.

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Kevin Holland doesn’t do it for the medals

The UFC fighter said that he doesn’t do these good deeds for medals or a thank you, they’re simply the right things to do. Although he explained, that being apprehended for a ticket seems a little bit silly. While speaking with TMZ in a video interview, he said if you’re struggling in Saginaw, Texas, and he sees you, you’re on your own. He said:

“The good thing is I don’t do it for the medal or anything like that. It’s just when you see something bad going on, the right thing to do is the right thing to do. But I ain’t gonna lie, it was funny as hell … All my boys were like, ‘this why I ain’t doing sh*t good, I ain’t helping nobody … ‘I ain’t doing nothing to Saginaw no more, man. I’ll help everybody else anywhere else. If you in Saginaw, I ain’t helping you.”

In the UFC, Holland is coming off an impressive D’Arce choke victory over Tim Means. ‘Trailblazer‘ Kevin Holland is next booked to face Daniel Rodriguez at UFC 279 on September 10.

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To see the full interview with TMZ and Kevin Holland, see below: