Kayla Harrison: It’s My Job To Prove To Dana White I’m Worth Signing

Kayla Harrison
Mandatory Credit: PFL (Professional Fighters League)

Kayla Harrison believes she’ll need to force UFC president Dana White’s hand.

Harrison is currently a free agent after she became a back-to-back PFL women’s lightweight champion late last month. However, despite her dominance and popularity, White has seemed hesitant about potentially signing her.

In particular, he doesn’t believe Harrison is ready for UFC level competition and that she would be better off in the PFL.

However, White has said plenty of things before — mainly that women would never compete in the UFC — which is why Harrison is hoping to prove to White that she is worth the risk and investment.

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“Dana has said a lot of things before,” Harrison told MMA Fighting. “It’s my job. If I want to fight in the UFC someday, if I want to fight at featherweight for the UFC some day, then it’s my job to prove to him that I’m worth the investment and I’m worth the risk.

“All I can do is to continue to go out there and be so dominant and continue be so good that you can’t ignore me. I know that I’ll do that. He says a lot of stuff and I know that I’m going to make him eat his words and he’ll smile when he does it and it will be great. I’m not worried about it. That time is coming.”

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Kayla Harrison: I’m Not Worried About Joining The UFC

White is no stranger to playing down talent outside the UFC, especially in the bigger promotions. That is also why Harrison isn’t taking his comments too personally either.

Especially given what White has done for the sport.

“He’s great at his job,” Harrison said about White. “He freaking started the sport basically. So it’s like who am I to tell him how to do what he does best? I’m not going to sit here and say ‘oh he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s this and he’s that, and he has no idea and I’m different.’ I’m just going to show him.

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“Then he’ll see and then he’ll do what he does and it will be great. I’m not worried about it. I’m really not.”

Do you think we’ll see Kayla Harrison in the UFC soon?

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