Jorge Masvidal Responds To Nate Diaz’s ‘He Ain’t No West Coast Gangster’ Line

Jorge Masvidal Diaz
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After his UFC 241 victory, Nate Diaz threw out the challenge for what has the potential to be the biggest fight of the year.

Diaz called out Jorge Masvidal for a welterweight meeting later this year. “Gamebred” recently claimed that the fight is currently being negotiated. He opened up a bit more during a recent media day at American Top Team (ATT). Masvidal, who was in attendance for UFC 241 and witnessed Diaz’s unanimous decision victory over Anthony Pettis, had a noticeable smile on his face when Diaz called him out.

“Oh, huge smile,” Masvidal said. “I mean, not just for the point that we can both make money, because I think I’m as popular as I’ve ever been, and same with Nate so it just makes sense on the financial side, but on the side of being a fan. Who doesn’t want to see these two dogs locked up inside of the cage and go? Which one is more dog at the end of the day? Let’s find out. There’s theories out there right? There’s a lot of back-and-forth talk. Let’s just find out.

“Let’s just find out. Who is the biggest dog in the division? Because that fight is going to tell you who the f*ck is the biggest dog in the division. So it’s a no brainer. I mean, me and Nate aren’t even going to have to do too much press conferences, because the fight speaks for itself man. People want to see that sh*t. You’re going to pay your hard-earned money to see that, so you got to compensate me for that.”

After the event, Diaz proclaimed himself the “Baddest Mother F*cker Champion,” and said he wants to defend that title against Masvidal next. When asked if the fight should be five rounds since it’s being hyped as some sort of title fight, Masvidal said he’ll fight as many rounds as the UFC wants as long as he’s appropriately compensated.

“Man, I go – whichever one has the most zeros tied to it my brother,” Masvidal said. “If it has more zeroes – eight rounds, ten rounds, cool. You just got to pay me a little bit more.”

One of the biggest lines of the night from Diaz’s call-out was saying Masvidal was a gangster, but “he ain’t no west coast gangster.” In that regard, Masvidal said Diaz is “100 percent accurate.”

“He’s 100 percent accurate,” Masvidal said. “I’m not a west coast gangster. Shout out to California, L.A., I got a lot of people over there. But I’m from Miami playboy, you f*cking ain’t seen that hat? I’m a f*cking Miami goon, man. Make sure you get that sh*t. Miami will understand what the f*ck I’m saying, I’m a goon from Miami, man. The biggest one you’ve ever seen.”

If it were up to Masvidal, the fight would happen before the end of the year. He wants the fight, Diaz wants the fight, but “Gamebred” hopes the Las Vegas-based promotion doesn’t try and play hardball and prevent the bout from happening.

“I want to do it this year. Let’s see how UFC plays – is it going to play hardball or are they going to give in to what the fans f*cking want? Are they going to listen to the fans or not? If the fight doesn’t get made it’s not because I don’t want it or Nate doesn’t want it, it’s because we’re not getting what we want, you know? It’s sad to say, you know? that’s the only way the fight doesn’t go down.”

What do you think about Masvidal’s response to Diaz? Who are you picking in the potential fight?

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