Jon Jones has reacted to former UFC star Matt Hamill’s recent comments about the attempts to overturn Jones’ disqualification loss to the former Ultimate Fighter competitor.

This week it was revealed that UFC President Dana White is working with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) in an attempt to overturn the only loss in the career of the UFC light heavyweight champion. The loss was back in 2009 where he got disqualified against Hamill for using 12-6 elbows.

Hamill saw the support by the likes of Jones, White, and even Joe Rogan. Thus, he took to his official Twitter account where he wrote the following: 

“[Joe Rogan, Dana White, Jon Jones] to supports overturning Jon Jones DQ loss to me to a no contest? Well I’m not complaining about jones in the past what he used illegal substance when he fought me.12/6 elbow is illegal. Back to back wins. How about rematch?”

It didn’t take long for Jones to respond as he wrote the following on Instagram:

“Let’s set the record straight, definitely not looking for a rematch.”

He then added this in the comments of his own post:

“Honestly, I was just blindsided. He’s a fellow upstate New York guy. Over these years I’ve always given him mad love. Funny how people are. I’m not even mad at him though, I understand it’s his claim to fame. Just wish he would have went about this a different way. It’s whatever.”

Jones also commented on Hamill’s post, calling his former foe out for “the disrespect” he has shown him as of late when Jones has never had a bad thing to say about his fellow New Yorker:

“Damn Matt, the disrespect. Thought you were smarter than this. Honestly I’ve never said a bad thing about you.”

What do you make of the back-and-forth between “Bones” and Hamill?

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