Joe Rogan Reacts To Dana White Trying To Overturn Jon Jones’ Only MMA Loss

Joe Rogan reacts to
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Jon Jones may very well be undefeated on his official mixed martial arts (MMA) record if UFC President Dana White has anything to say about it.

It was recently announced by White that he’s working with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) in an attempt to overturn his controversial 2009 disqualification defeat. Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan took to Twitter to react to the news, approving of White’s efforts:

“I’m in agreement with this 100%. The 12-6 elbow rule is one of the dumbest rules in combat sports. At the very least that fight should be a no contest. He was completely dominant.”

Jones faced off against Matt Hamill at “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights” finale back in 2009. The fight was stopped after Jones delivered some 12-6 elbows on Hamill, a move that is deemed illegal under the current ruleset. However, many have criticized that making such a move illegal is absolutely foolish, as they do the same amount of damage as elbows thrown from any other angle.

With that being said, Jones was disqualified after Hamill could no longer continue, and Hamill was awarded the victory by default. Over the years many have argued that Jones’ loss should be overturned, and it looks like it could very well happen.

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