John McCarthy backs Nate Diaz following New Orleans brawl: ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes’

Nate Diaz

Big’ John McCarthy believes Rodney Petersen, the Logan Paul look-a-like that Nate Diaz choked out during a brawl on Bourbon Street over the weekend, should also be held accountable for engaging in the now-viral brawl.

Nate Diaz has been in the news practically non-stop after taking part in multiple altercations, all started with nothing more than a 99-cent bottle of water. What began as a brief scuffle inside the XULA Convocation Centre escalated into a full-on street fight involving Diaz, reality TV star Chase DeMoor, and a slew of others, including a Logan Paul doppelganger that became famous overnight after being rendered unconscious by the Stockton Samurai.

On Monday, three days after the incident, the New Orleans PD announced that a warrant had been issued for Nate Diaz, charging him with second-degree battery. If convicted, Diaz could face up to eight years in prison and/or a $2,000 fine. A representative for the ex-UFC star confirmed that his lawyer had been in contact with the local police department and intended to cooperate. Sharing his two cents on the subject matter was former UFC referee turned-Bellator MMA commentator John McCarthy. Appearing on his WEIGHING IN podcast alongside Josh Thomson, McCarthy sided with Diaz, suggesting that the “look-a-like boy” played a stupid game and won an appropriate prize.

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“There’s a simple way to look at it. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” McCarthy said. “You wanted to play the game and now that you’re on film getting choked out and you have a little boo-boo on the back of your head… Hey stupid, all you had to do was walk the other way, but no. You want to play stupid games. Well, you won a stupid prize. Congratulations.

“The fact that they’re going to put this whole thing… Will they end up putting Nate in jail? No. Can they end up booking him on this with the warrant? Yes. Can they end up filing the case and actually trying to go through with it? Yes. Can they actually find him guilty of it? Yeah, they could possibly. What are they going to do with it?”

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John McCarthy Wants to See Nate Diaz and Rodney Petersen Held Equally Responsible for Their Role in Viral Confrontation

John McCarthy hopes that both Nate Diaz and Rodney Petersen will face legal ramifications for their part in the confrontation rather than only punishing the “winner.”

“Really what you have is mutual combat. You have someone, all this is going on and now they come together,” McCarthy continued. “He handled it the safest way you can handle it. He didn’t throw punches. As soon as he went out, he let him go. Now, he falls kind of forward and the guy’s head kind of springs out and it smacks the ground which is not good, but again, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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“They better be charging the look-a-like boy with the cracked head. They need to be charging him. Why is it only the winner is the one we’ll go after? No. It’s mutual.”

Nate Diaz is currently scheduled to make his professional boxing debut on August 5 against social media sensation Jake Paul. It is unclear if Diaz’s legal issues will affect his ability to make the date, but YouTuber and pro boxer KSI has already offered to step in and scrap with ‘The Problem Child’ should things fall through with the Stockton native.