Joe Rogan Poisoned himself with arsenic By binge eating ‘Three Cans of sardines’ Every Night

Joe Rogan Sardines

You never know what kind of fun facts you’ll walk away with after listening to The Joe Rogan Experience.

Earlier this week, the longtime UFC commentator welcomed Elon Musk onto his popular podcast to talk about a series of interesting subjects. During their conversation, the Tesla Motors CEO shared some insight into his rivalry with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and why their proposed MMA match was suddenly scrapped.

However, things took a sharp turn while the pair were talking about the realities of mercury poisoning in tuna. It was then that Rogan revealed he had gotten arsenic poisoning from, of all things, sardines.

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You can get arsenic from sardines, too,” Rogan said. “I found that out the hard way.” Rogan went on to explain his statement. “I got my bloodwork done, and the doctor says, ‘You have arsenic in your blood. I go, ‘Is someone poisoning me?’ He said, ‘It’s very low levels.'”

As it turns out, the arsenic in his blood was due to an addiction to sardines.

Yeah, I eat like three cans of sardines a night. I love sardines. I love them. I really do. I’ve always loved sardines,” Rogan said with passion. “I come home late from the comedy club, and I want something easy to eat. I don’t want to stop for fast food. So I open up a few cans of sardines.”

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No More Sardines for Mr. Rogan

Who knew copious amounts of sardine consumption could result in arsenic poisoning?

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Dietary consumption of arsenic is considered the largest source of toxicosis for nonoccupationally exposed individuals as it can be ingested through contaminated underground water, seafood, animal products, and crops irrigated with polluted water.”

Rogan revealed that he has since cut back on his sardine binges. “I stopped doing it. I got my bloodwork done a couple months later, and it was gone.”

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