Joe Rogan rips Conor McGregor amid acting difficulty claims: ‘Go act in Road House or fight Khabib again?’

Joe Rogan rips Conor McGregor over acting difficulty claims go act in Road House or fight Khabib again

Long-time UFC color-commentator, Joe Rogan has hit out at ex-two-division champion, Conor McGregor – urging him to decide between which is more difficult for him: acting in Road House or face the prospect of fighting unbeaten berserker, Khabib Nurmagomedov for a second time – amid apparent Hollywood difficulty. 

McGregor, a former undisputed lightweight and featherweight champion, made his big screen debut over the course of last week – with the release of a Road House remake, starring as a lead antagonist alongside award-winning actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal talks acting with white belt Conor McGregor on Road House he had a learning curve
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And receiving his fair share of both praise and condemnation for his acting ability, McGregor, who welcomed the chance to appear in Hollywood projects again, claimed acting proved to be more difficult for him than mixed martial arts.

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Conor McGregor calls for three round fight with Michael Chandler in UFC return just to wet my beak
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“It’s not just action and fighting and stuns, it’s also remembering the line and you have to time things correctly, you’re engaging with another person,” Conor McGregor said. “It’s just a difficult game, a lot more difficult than I gave it credit for.”

Joe Rogan hits out at Conor McGregor’s claims

However, amid McGregor’s bold claims of difficulty, veteran caller, Rogan urged the Dubliner to weigh up in his mind: the prospect of acting on film, or fighting arch-enemy, Khabib for a second time in a grudge rematch

Joe Rogan returns to commentary booth at UFC 295 snaps three month hiatus
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“Listen to me, that’s not true,” Joe Rogan said of Conor McGregor’s claims during a recent Joe Rogan Experience episode. “Even for him. Okay: Act in Road Hosue or fight Khabib again? Shut the f*ck up, that is crazy talk. He broke his f*cking leg in a fight. He broke his leg. Like that’s harder. That is way harder than f*cking acting. The guy’s promoting a movie, he’s a great promoter.” 

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As for a return to fighting for soon-to-be 36 year old, McGregor, the Crumlin striker has been lined up to fight with former lightweight title challenger, Michael Chandler – potentially at the end of June, with both claiming over the weekend how a matchup has been blue-skied by the organization.

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