Jan Blachowicz Upsets Israel Adesanya – UFC 259 Results


IT’S TIME! The UFC 259 main event is finally upon us. Jan Blachowicz defends his light-heavyweight strap against 185lb king Israel Adesanya.

Round 1: Israel Adesanya lands a low leg kick early. Jan Blachowicz returns. The light-heavyweight champ follows up with a jab to the body. Adesanya is starting to let his hands and feet fly. Blachowicz flys forward with a powerful two-punch combo that just misses. Blachowicz is intent on countering his opponent who is picking his spots and is aware of that fact. Lot’s of point fighting through the opening four minutes. Neither man has really taken control of this fight yet. Blachowicz lands back-to-back jabs. Adesanya lands and is able to avoid the counters. Blachowicz stalks ‘Stylebender’ but is unable to get off any more offence before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round 2: Blachowicz lands a kick to the body at the start of round two. Both men threaten with strikes but nothing seems to land. Adesanya lands a nice body kick of his own before trying another upstairs. Both men land big shots. Round two is starting to heat up. Blachowicz hits the body with a jab. Adesanya is really utilizing his kick in this fight. ‘Stylebender’ tries a high kick but slips. Blachowicz is unable to jump on the mistake. The champ clinches up and forces the fight to the mat. Adesanya is able to quickly pop back up. An eye poke brings a brief break in the action. We are back underway and both men seem content to exchange kicks from range. Adesanya lands to the body and then to the head. Both men exchange jabs. Adesanya lands a low blow. Another brief break in the action before we get back to it. Adesanya lands. Blachowicz rushes in and lands himself. Adesanya is hammering home leg kicks. Adesanya lands a nice jab just before the horn sounds to end round two.

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Round 3: Blachowicz is getting after it in round three. He’s rushing forward and landing shots. The champ gets another takedown. As Adesanya stands up he eats a knee. ‘Stylebender’ fires back and may have hurt his opponent. He’s really starting to let his hands go now. Blachowicz clinches up and pushes this fight to the fence. Not a lot happens on the fence before Adesanya is able to escape. Blachowicz is lining up a high kick but Adesanya sees it coming. ‘Stylebender’ shows off his impressive jab which has looked great through three rounds. Blachowicz lands a clean jab of his own. He follows it up with a hard shot. One minute to go in this round. The 205lb champ clinches up again and forces this fight to the fence. Again, he’s not able to make use of the position and Adesanya is able to escape. Both fighters stare each other down after the horn sounds to end the third frame.

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Round 4: Blachowicz shoots in at the start of round four. He pushes to the fence again but is actually trying to get the takedown this time. Blachowicz lands a big right hand on the break. And another soon after. Blachowicz lands a nice jab too. He’s looking great here. Adesanya lands a powerful leg kick. Blachowicz returns with a body kick. Adesanya is getting after it now. He’s letting his hands fly. Blachowicz shoots in and secures a takedown. He’s got Adesanya in the middle of the Octagon and is dropping short shots from top position. Blachowicz is in half guard and is intent on maintaining control. He is dropping the odd shot but is more interesting in holding down the scrambling Adesanya. Blachowicz moves into side control. He’s getting a little more active with his strikes from this position. Adesanya is able to force him back to half guard. Blachowicz continues to throw and lands a couple of nice elbows at the end of round four.

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Round 5: Adesanya throwing kicks low and high early in round five. Blachowicz is trying to catch him with a counter. The 205lb champ leaps forward with a flurry of punches that miss but he follows up with a jab. Adesanya stings him with a nice shot. Blachowicz lands his own jab. Adesanya lands a jumping back kick. Blachowicz hit him with a straight shot. He’s blowing now but manages to secure a takedown midway through round five. Blachowicz is in the guard of Adesanya throwing shots. ‘Stylebender’ is scrambling but sacrifices half guard in the process. Into the final minute and Blachowicz continues to reign down strikes from half guard. Adesanya doesn’t look like he will be getting up. This fight is super close this could be the difference here. Blachowicz moves to mount and is dropping bombs at the end of round five.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jan Blachowicz def. Israel Adesanya via unanimous decision