Next up on the UFC Fight Island 6 main card is a welterweight encounter between Claudio Silva and James Krause.

Round 1: Krause avoids a head kick. Silva lands a leg kick. Krause defends a takedown attempt as Silva blitzes forward. Krause is showing good footwork and head movement as Silva swings. Krause hurts Silva with a right to the body and follows it up with another right to the head. Silva times a takedown as Krause strikes and now has his back. Krause gets to his feet but Silva drags him down and still has control of his back. However, he is unable to get on his back. Silva starts to land some knees to the back of Krause’s thighs. Krause does well to separate as they return to striking. Krause continues to excel with counter shots. Silva shoots deep but Krause sprawls and defends successfully. Silva starts to land more as he keeps advancing forward but gets caught with a big shot from Krause. Silva backs up to the fence and shoots unsuccessfully before the round ends.

Round 2: Krause is swinging early. He notably said his knee was torn during the interval. Silva lands a leg kick. Silva once again looks for a takedown but Krause defends. Krause lands a number of rights but Silva is unaffected. Silva continues to blitz forward but is failing to connect as much as Krause is. Krause lands a nice body shot. Silva seems to be slowing down a bit but he is still throwing strikes. He lands a nice body kick on Krause. Krause sprawls on another Silva takedown attempt. Silva falls to the ground after a combo from Krause but it seems to be more of a slip. Silva lands a nice left over the top. Both fighters are swinging heavy now. Krause is landing more strikes though. Silva gets the last punch as the round ends.

Round 3: Silva catches a body kick from Krause and connects with a leg hook. Krause claims he wasn’t hurt. Silva lands a huge leg kick that definitely bothered Krause. Silva sees another takedown attempt defended but follows it up with a leg kick that sees Krause slip. Silva is more active in this round as he continues to attack the compromised leg of Krause. Krause goes for a takedown now but it’s easily defended by Silva. Krause lands a nice body shot. Krause is landing a lot more but Silva keeps advancing forward. The fight comes to an end.

Official result: James Krause defeats Claudio Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).