Israel Adesanya Slams Jon Jones For Not Moving Up To Heavyweight

Jon Jones
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Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones have had a rivalry for quite some time now. The two have traded shots back-and-forth on social media and in interviews, but a fight between them seems unlikely right now:

“He’s the one that told TMZ, ‘Oh, I’d like to fight Israel Adesanya.’ And then I remember, I posted receipts on my Instagram saying two weeks ago, I was texting my coach about this, and trust me, Jon is a guy that,” Adesanya said to BT Sport (h/t MMA News). “He is supposedly the best of the best right now. He’s at the top of the game,” Adesanya said. “And I’m Player 1, and this is the game I want to play. So when I clock that game, I’ll turn it off. So in time.”

Why Israel Adesanya has a problem with Jon Jones is the fact that he hasn’t moved up in weight. He says every champion in MMA, boxing, and kickboxing all move up once they dominate their weight class, except Jon Jones:

“Every champion does that,” Adesanya said of champions moving up a weight class. “When you dominate your division, what do they do? In boxing, kickboxing, you move up in weight. He hasn’t even done that yet. He’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to fight DC because I don’t want to fight him at heavyweight. He’s gotta come down.’ What a bitch.

“I’ve done it in kickboxing, I did it in boxing, and I’m gonna do it in MMA. But I just got here. So you can’t bait me into a quick fight.”

Do you think Jon Jones will move up to heavyweight?