Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been very vocal about drug testing this past year. After retiring from the sport after UFC 167, “Rush” said he would never fight again without stricter drug testing. St-Pierre was the marquee champ of the UFC when he left it behind in late 2013, and his stance on drug testing may have been proven valid in the last couple of weeks.

Light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones Fails Drug Test For Cocaine, Enters Drug Treatment Facility” href=””>Jon Jones got popped for OOC (out of competition) cocaine use, and former middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his UFC 183 opponent Nick Diaz both failed recent drug tests. Diaz got caught for Marijuana metabolites, but “The Spider” was found to have two types of anabolic steroids in his system. Then Jon Fitch made it four in just over a month.

GSP spoke up again, this time hinting that he knows of other users still active, but refusing to ‘rat’ on them. The former welterweight kingpin spoke to CTV News last night (February 8th, 2015) to further discuss Anderson Silva and drug testing in the UFC/MMA:

“The fight should be cancelled because it’s cheating, it’s a biological weapon that you have,” St. Pierre argued. “If I fight someone with a knife and the promoter and the organization know I have a knife. I’m bringing a knife into the fight, they should not let me fight because I’m carrying a weapon.

“A performance-enhancing drug is the same thing, it’s a biological weapon. It’s an advantage that you have over your opponent that you should not be able to compete with. Because you put the health of the competitor in jeopardy.”

Women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey echoed Georges St-Pierre‘s trail of thought, calling Cris Cyborg an attempted murderer for her steroid use. GSP continued, stating he doesn’t want to focus on Silva, but on the issue as a whole:

“We’re not playing golf, we’re not racing, we’re fighting. Every time we fight we put our lives, our well-being in jeopardy. I feel very sad for Anderson Silva,”

“I don’t want to talk about one individual, I want to talk about the system,” he added. “The system is a big problem in the sport of mixed martial arts … It’s something that I believe the UFC and fighters should confront and deal with it. Because if you don’t deal with it right now, it’s going to get worse and worse and worse.”

” (The Olympics) have random testing and the testing is done by a competent and an independent organization (the World Anti-Doping Association) that has no interest financially in the promotion of (the sport),”

Perhaps GSP’s camp are trying to start a rivalry?

It’s almost amusing to think back to 2014, when MMA fans were questioning how the UFC would cope without their biggest draws. Guys like Cain Velasquez, Anthony Pettis, Anderson Silva-all injured. Now the promotion is facing a beast of a very different kind; the truth.

Drug testing is going to get stricter, and more fighters will be getting named and shamed. This whole saga has huge positive and negative implications, but there is no good press to be had of the subject at present.