Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Conor McGregor In ‘Money Fight’

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

The stage was finally set for Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to do battle. The two met inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight (Aug. 26).

Going into the bout, McGregor didn’t have a professional boxing bout. Meanwhile, Mayweather was looking to end his career with a perfect record of 50-0.

Mayweather stopped “Notorious,” but the fans got what they paid for.

Round 1: The two touched gloves and the bout was underway. McGregor immediately put the pressure on. McGregor connected with an uppercut to the delight of the crowd. Mayweather looked to have taken the round off to study his opponent.

Round 2: Once again, Mayweather didn’t put his foot on the gas. He had Mayweather on the ropes and was warned of a punch to the back of the head. McGregor was the aggressor and one could argue he took the first two rounds.

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Round 3: McGregor loosened up and smiled. He was warned a few times for hammerfists to the back of the head. Mayweather used feints, but McGregor wasn’t reacting. Mayweather went to the body. McGregor connected after switching stances.

Round 4: With Mayweather against the ropes, McGregor fired off a combination. McGregor had the advantage in the clinch. Mayweather starting landing a bit more. An overhand right was there for Mayweather. A left hand found the target for McGregor. Mayweather connected with a right hand.

Round 5: McGregor fired off from odd angles and used his MMA experience in the clinch. Mayweather responded with some dirty boxing. McGregor appeared to tire a bit and Mayweather captialized with more offense. He shoved his opponent after the bell.

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Round 6: McGregor kept hitting his opponent with rabbit shots and a kidney shot. Mayweather began to press forward. He landed a few combos and stood in the pocket. The taunted at each other and smiled as the round came to a close.

Round 7: Mayweather got hit with a left hand early. They clinched and Mayweather landed a body shot. A shot over the top landeed for Mayweather. He had McGregor backing up a bit with shots upstairs. Blood trickled from the mouth of McGregor.

Round 8: Right away, McGregor did some dirty boxing with Mayweather’s back turned. McGregor landed a straight punch to the body. McGregor used the clunch to turn his opponent and get his shots in.

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Round 9: A body shot landed for McGregor and it appeared low. Mayweather began landing huge shots. McGregor was showed his gas tank was running low. McGregor checked the clock and used the clinch to avoid damage. Huge round for Mayweather.

Round 10: Mayweather took over and landed a barrage of punches. Referee Robert Byrd had seen enough and stopped the fight. Mayweather wins the “Money Fight.”

Final Result: Floyd Mayweather def. Conor McGregor via TKO – R10, 1:05