Dustin Poirier: Fight Kit Sale Gives Charity Boost

Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier is one of the most likeable fighters in the UFC, as well as being one of the best fighters in the organisation.

Following his knockout win against Conor McGregor, Poirier’s Good Fight Foundation received another financial boost.

In the lead-up to UFC 257, the atmosphere of goodwill and respect was rampant. As well as a trash talk-free press conference, Conor McGregor even pledged to donate $500,000 to Poirier’s Good Fight Foundation. This sum was given another bonus after the bout concluded, with ‘The Diamond’ auctioning off his worn fight gear. Clearly looking to make the most money possible, it seems that every piece of clothing worn the night of the fight was put forward. With a collection which includes his shorts, shirt, hat, gloves, and hand wraps, it seems the only item not included was Poirier’s underwear. This vast collection went down a treat, however, with it all going to the winner for $26,200 after 49 bids. (H/T MMAFighting.com)

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There isn’t a better cause to see get a real boost in the funding than the Good Fight Foundation. Assisting with everything from building water wells in Uganda to buying school supplies for children in Louisiana, the organisation seems to be helping in every area they possibly can.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into turmoil, Poirier and his charity have stepped up to the plate. They began helping to fund the Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadia, La. This included providing everything from transportation, to tutoring, to school supplies to underprivileged children. It’s truly great to see someone in a position of influence using it to great effect!

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After the huge upset against Conor McGregor, Poirier certainly holds all of the cards.

Who do you think Dustin Poirier will fight next?