Drew Dober calls for Michael Chandler fight after impressive KO victory at UFC Vegas 80: ‘I’m available’

Drew Dober

After a sensational performance at UFC Vegas 80, the hard-hitting Drew Dober has his sights set on some lofty goals and ambitions for the future, including a fight with Michael Chandler.

At UFC Vegas 80, Dober impressed the world with his sharpness and accuracy, among other things. Not to mention how he became the leader in KO’s inside the lightweight division.

Against his opponent Ricky Glenn, Dober utilized his combos and every asset at his disposal to set up the big shots he needed to land, and never lost his composure or rushed the finish. His opponent Glenn attempted to hang tough, but the only thing he successfully held onto that night was Dober’s glove illegally in a grappling exchange.

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The fight was over soon after the incident, and of course, it’s hard to blame somebody for a mistake made at such a pivotal moment. Dober went on to cash in the beautiful finish and was awarded the $50,000 performance of the night bonus by Dana White and the UFC.

Drew Dober wants Michael Chandler next in what would make an outrageously fun banger

As both fighters are known for their entertaining performances, a match between Chandler and Dober would have all the makings for a certified classic. The young rising star was hesitant to call anybody out after his fight, but eventually, he did make it clear that he would love to battle Chandler.

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“I keep on thinking about if Chandler wants a 5’9” southpaw to get him warmed up [for Conor] McGregor, I’m always available,” Drew Dober informed the world.

Sadly, Dober will likely have to climb for a lot longer before he’s given opportunities like what a Michael Chandler fight would be for him. Such a fight would be life-changing, and the UFC is likely going to need a lot more convincing before they give Dober the ultimate push like that.

Who do you think Drew Dober should fight next?