Dillon Danis Strongly Believes He’s Going To Fight Ben Askren In UFC & Bellator Cross-Promotional Fight

Ben Askren
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There has been a lot of talk about cross-promotional fights in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Some organizations actually have working relationships with one another, such as Bellator and RIZIN. However, most fight fans would love to see some UFC and Bellator fighters go at it. Unfortunately, the UFC doesn’t seem open to such a partnership. But one man who believes such a possibility isn’t too far off is Dillon Danis.

The Bellator star comes off a successful first-round submission win at Bellator 222 this past weekend. Danis spoke on “The Ariel Helwani MMA Show” yesterday (Mon. June 17, 2019) and noted he believes a cross-promotion fight between himself and UFC welterweight Ben Askren is going to happen:

“You know what’s crazy,” Danis asked. “I really feel like this cross-promotion thing is getting closer and closer. And, I really think that it’s gonna happen. I really think that me and Ben Askren are going to fight. I really do think so, I think it’s gonna happen. Like, for some reason – I was talking to Coker and we were talking about cross-promotion, he’s open to do it with the UFC. I really think if Ben Askren wants to do it, it’s gonna happen. So I think it’s on, yeah.”

Askren and Danis have had their fair share of issues with one another over the past several months. In fact, “Funky” trolled Danis online for his photo with two Bellator titles during Bellator 222 media day. Danis claimed he has signed up and offered to face Askren in grappling and wrestling matches. But Askren has shown no interest in doing any:

“I signed that wrestling match with him,” Danis said. “I was gonna do the wrestling match with him. He didn’t want to do it, I offered a grappling match with him, he didn’t want to do it. He knows what’s up, he was probably sh*tting himself watching my fight.”