Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia: An In-Depth Analysis

Devin Haney set to defend WBC title in championship fight with Ryan Garcia in April

2024 is shaping up to be an incredible year for boxing with numerous big-time fights on the way. One of the biggest being Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia, April 20th at the Barclay Center in NYC.

Multi-division champ Devin Haney is putting his WBC super-lightweight title on the line in a bout that millions will be watching. There’s a lot of talk around this and we’re going to break it all down.

Ryan Garcia’s Mental Health 

Unfortunately, the main story behind this big time fight has become the mental health of Ryan Garcia. Fans and critics have been questioning Ryan’s personal and mental health over the last year and a half.

After suffering his first loss to Tank Davis, Ryan has received a lot of negative media attention. 

Garcia has been in a public feud with the heads of Golden Boy over his contract and accusations of career sabotage.

While this was going on, the 25-year-old went through a bad divorce and looked as if he’d been on alcohol binges.

Since the Haney vs. Garcia fight was announced, Garcia’s antics have gotten worse to the point of fans worrying about him. Ryan has posted numerous troubling messages over the last few months after the announcement of his fight.

He has posted everything from talking about evidence of aliens, satanic cults, and being forced to watch videos of child sodomy. Even accusations that he was sexually assaulted as a child. 

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The boxing star has also posted numerous videos where he clearly looks under the influence of different drugs and alcohol.

Along with these troubling videos, Garcia has made various claims and complaints leading up to the fight. The biggest ones were that he didn’t want to fight in NYC and that the deck is being stacked against him.

Boxing fans and critics became even more alarmed at Ryan’s state during the Haney vs. Garcia pre-fight press conference. He had a frantic demeanor while looking out of shape, bloated, and made more wild claims.

Garcia’s father came to his son’s defense on social media, claiming that his son was “trolling” to sell the fight. His opponent and champion Devin Haney was indifferent about Garcia’s wild and crazy antics.

In a deleted tweet, Haney was adamant that the fight was still on and Garcia was playing crazy for attention.

Will the Fight Happen?

With Ryan’s public issues being a hot topic, many fight fans and experts have been speculating if the fight will happen. Ryan Garcia’s possible descent into madness along with possible substance abuse issues have led to calls by many to cancel the fight. 

Whether you’re looking to get deeper into the fight by betting on UFC mixed martial arts or you’re simply a boxing enthusiast, this match is eagerly awaited despite the various health problems that looms around Haney vs. Garcia.

Everyone from boxing promoter Eddie Hearn to boxer/Youtuber KSI believes that Garcia is unwell and the fight should be canceled. Boxing legend Teddy Atlas has even said if he’s not well the commission needs to step not let this fight happen.

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In a recent interview, Devin Haney has said that he will be fighting on April 20th with or without Garcia. Haney said he’s prepared to face undefeated contender and alternate Arnold Barboza if Garcia isn’t cleared to fight.

Even if Ryan is pulled from the fight with Haney, you will still see the champion defend his title.

The Keys to Victory

As of now, the Haney vs. Garcia’s fight is still on and fight fans are anxious to watch it play out. Here are the keys to victory that they’ll need to follow in order to win.

Devin Haney’s Keys to Victory

Devin Haney is hands down one of the best P4P boxers on the planet right now. The undefeated 2-division champion is battle tested and has fought and beaten numerous top fighters in his young career. 

Not only has Devin beaten the world’s best boxers, but he’s beaten many of them convincingly. He beat multiple world champions using his textbook defensive style, which has proven to be almost impenetrable. 

Haney is a true professional and we can expect him to come into this fight in top form like he always does. To beat Ryan Garcia, Haney will just need to rely on tried and tested abilities that he’s used to beat better boxers.

Devin Haney will need to.

  • Stick To His Gameplan 
  • Avoid Garcia’s Left Hook
  • Hit His Counters
  • Break Garcia’s Will
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Haney is one of the best counter-punchers in boxing and no opponent has solved the puzzle on how to beat him. The champion is going to let Ryan come to him and aim to pick him apart and break his will.

Don’t be surprised to see Devin hit his counter-punches all night long on the popular power puncher.

Ryan Garcia’s Keys to Victory 

Hypothetically, let’s say Ryan Garcia comes into the fight in a good place mentally and in great shape. If he does, he has the power to knockout any boxer in the world.

Garcia has one of the best counter left hooks in the game and is great at hitting off the break. Almost all of his wins have come from landing his deadly left hook.

To become the first person to defeat Haney, Garcia will need to follow these crucial keys to victory.

  • Be Mentally Prepared
  • Be Perfect
  • Keep His Composure
  • Land The Left Hook

Garcia is going to have to fight the perfect fight in order to beat the champ Devin Haney. It’s a tall order, but nothing is impossible.

If Ryan can keep his demons at bay, keep his composure, and land his left hook, he’ll have a chance.

Where to Watch the Haney vs. Garcia Fight?

The highly anticipated Haney vs. Garcia bout at the Barclays Center in New York will be presented by DAZN on PPV. You can order the PPV on their website and get access to a night of great fights on April 20th.