Details Surface Of Matt Hughes’ Alleged Attack On 15-Year-Old Nephew

Photo: Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports
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Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes has found himself in some unfortunate circumstances, and many are calling them completely self-imposed.

News broke in late February that Hughes had allegedly become violent on his wife Audra, twin brother Mark, and other members of his family following his serious accident in 2017. Hughes allegedly choked his wife and became involved in a heated dispute with Mark over ownership of a tractor. Both filed for and were granted restraining orders against the UFC legend.

Shortly after, Hughes somewhat denied being violent in a statement released on Instagram. However, more details of his concerning alleged attack on Audra arose. She alleged he choked her while she was in the shower and hit her. Now, some more in-depth info about Hughes’ run-in with Mark’s 15-year-old son has surfaced as well.

According to a written statement attached to the restraining order Mark obtained last October (via MMA Junkie), Mark revealed his son, Marshall, was operating the John Deere 8410 tractor on Sept. 23, 2018. Matt then “pulled his vehicle crossways in the road causing my son to have to bring the tractor quickly to a stop.” He allegedly then began physically assaulting Marshall:

“Matt approached the tractor and when my son got out of the tractor to ask his uncle what he needed, Matt physically assaulted my 15-year-old son by grabbing him and shaking him, all the while telling him that it’s his (expletive) tractor.”

A woman who was close by defused the attack. But things were far from over.

Plans To Burn The Tractor?

On Sept. 30, 2018, Mark Hughes supposedly showed up at one of his fields and saw Matt’s truck there. He had backed it up to the tractor. Gasoline had been poured on the tractor fuel tank and the ground nearby. Mark said Matt was at Mark’s house. He called his wife and told her to keep him there. Mark went home to confront Matt. He denied everything but had buckets appearing to have contained gas in his truck:

“While I am not sure if my brother’s intent was to burn the tractor, merely running a diesel engine with gasoline in the tank will destroy the engine,” he wrote. “I called my wife Emily and asked her to keep my brother at our house until I got there.

“When I got home, I met my brother in my driveway. While he denied everything, he had two empty five-gallon buckets in the back of his truck. The buckets smelled of gasoline. One of the buckets had the lid missing, and I later found the lid laying next to the tractor.”

Mark Hughes said Matt believes the tractor is his but “has at all relevant times been in my exclusive possession and control.”

The saga is still ongoing, but it’s a concerning downfall for a respected former champion. He’s stated that he’s become a burden to those around him. Matt filed for divorce from Audra, citing irreconcilable differences. A judge extended the protection order against him. He must now stay 500 feet away from his future ex-wife and their two children.

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