Matt Hughes Accused Of Violence By Wife & Brother

Matt Hughes

Former UFC champ Matt Hughes has been accused of violence by his wife and brother according to a new report that has surfaced online. The wife and brother of Hughes filed and were granted restraining orders against him in 2018. TMZ Sports reported the news on Tuesday.

According to the filing, Audra Hughes stated that Matt choked her in 2017 and then hit her on Dec. 12, 2018 in front of her son, their daughter and her stepfather.

On the flip side, his twin brother Mark noted that they had a falling-out over the ownership of a tractor in September 2018. It started when Matt grabbed and shook Mark’s 15-year-old son once seeing the child use the tractor. This led to Matt putting gasoline on the tractor in an attempt to destroy it.

Matt first became violent in September or October 2017 once he recovered from a brain injury after being hit by a train. She refused to give him his car keys which saw him choking her. This led to Hughes asking for the code to his gun vault but she refused, which upset him. Audra said Hughes choked her, slammed her head against the shower wall and screamed, “This is what choking is!”

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Moving along to July 2018, Matt allegedly told Audra, “I’m going to f–king shoot you,” after she took his phone and accused him of “communicating with multiple women.” Audra accused Matt of texting other women again in December, which led to him allegedly hit her in front of her family members.

As a result of all of this, the former UFC star must stay 500 feet away from Audra, their children, Mark, and his family.