Gruesome Details Surface Of Matt Hughes’ Alleged Domestic Abuse

Photo: Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports

The sad story of former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes’ alleged violence continues to spiral out of control.

News recently surfaced that Hughes was accused of concerning violence by his wife, Aura, and brother Mark in late February. Both alleged Matt had become extremely violent and had filed for a restraining order against him. Hughes issued a statement of his own on social media, stating, “I am not the same person since my accident,” and acknowledging he had ‘become a burden to those around him.’

Hughes was seriously injured in a June 2017 accident where his truck was hit by a train. He sustained brain injuries that he is clearly still struggling to recover from. However, that’s not an excuse for his recent alleged behavior, the details of which are beginning to surface via court documents. In court documents obtained by MMAjunkie, Audra Hughes detailed her harrowing story, alleging that Hughes became violent in the autumn of 2017 after his accident.

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The attacks allegedly began when she would not give him the keys to his truck. She wrote in a statement that when she was showering, he opened the door and choked her:

“I was in the shower and he opened the shower and choked me,” she wrote. “Then he asked for the code to his gun vault and I said, ‘You just choked me. Do you think I’m going to give you the code?’

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“He opened the shower door again and started choking me and he smashed my head against the shower and said, ‘This is what choking is!’”

Two More Alleged Incidents

That wasn’t all, as Audra detailed two other alleged instances of domestic abuse. Hughes allegedly said “I’m going to (expletive) shoot you!” when she took his cell phone away for texting other women. She reportedly confronted him about the incident in front of family and he became violent once again:

“He hit me. (My stepfather Alan) said, ‘Don’t lay another finger on her.’ He looked at Alan and grabbed my hand and tried to pull me closer to him. Alan told him to get his phone and leave. Alan and I followed him outside to make sure he didn’t do anything to our vehicles.”

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Interestingly enough, Hughes has filed for divorce from Audra, citing irreconcilable differences. He also requested joint custody of their two children. Audra Hughes filed for and was given a restraining order against Hughes in December, which has been extended until May. Matt Hughes is currently required to stay 500 feet away from his wife and two daughters.

Hughes returned to the UFC in early 2018 after making a somewhat miraculous return from his serious injury. That was one of MMA’s feel-good moments of the year, but things have allegedly taken a saddening turn for the worse.