Deiveson Figueiredo Retains Title In FOTY Contender After Majority Draw With Brandon Moreno – UFC 256 Highlights


Deiveson ‘Deus Da Garra’ Figueiredo remains the undisputed UFC flyweight titleholder, following a potential Fight of the Year shoo-in in a majority draw with the durable, gritty, and determined number-one contender, Brandon Moreno over five-rounds.

Starting with an aggessive approach, Figueiredo opened with a spinning back-kick to the body, before launching a powerful right jab. In a brief scramble, Moreno rolled to the Brazilian’s back, before the defending champion made his way back to his feet. As is patented, Figueiredo had massive success in the pocket, with Moreno finding his range as well of note. One round in the books. 10-9 to the defending titleholder.

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Figueiredo, without as much intent from the get-go in the second, once more fired off a massive spin to the body, pushing the Mexican back to th efence, who himself replied with a well placed shot of his own. Ripping upstairs with a couple of right-hooks, Moreno ate everything Figueiredo had to offer, showing a fantastic chin in the pocket. Attempting to close the distance, Figueiredo suffered a takedown — with Moreno suffering an eye-poke from guard. Again pushed to the fence via Figueiredo’s pressure, Moreno scored another trip, with the Brazilian immediately shooting back to his feet.

Into the third with a staggering pace, it was more of the same, with Figueiredo cracking Moreno with a series of hooks in the pocket, before firing off that consistent southpaw body kick. Moreno, nevertheless, displaying a phenomenal ability to withstand punishment. Suffering a particularly nasty inadvertent kick to the groin, Moreno collapsed to the canvas to recover. Referee, Jason Herzog also deducted a point from Figueiredo. Before the buzzer, Moreno landed a massive right-hook to boot.

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Our first of two championship-rounds. Initiating the clinch, Figeuriedo jumped for a guillotine, with Moreno pushing the champion back to the fence before both made their way back to the feet. Wobbling Figueiredo, Moreno landed some beautifully placed shots in the pocket, with the Brazilian becoming more and more notably fatigued. Another takedown landed for Moreno, who wound up in half-guard.

Fifth and final round. Moreno seemed to be dealing with a massive swelling on his left forearm after catching a massive left kick from Figueiredo. With his output severely compromised, Moreno failed to continue his incredible volume into the fifth and final round, with the judges scoring the headliner a majority draw (48-48, and 47-47 (x)).

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Below, check out the highlights from an instant flyweight classic between still champion, Figueiredo, and steely challenger, Moreno.