Ex-UFC star Darren Till reveals he was sued for over $1,400,000 million over creation of beer company ‘Raw Dog’

Darren Till confirms plans for UFC return after Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight I'm going to win a title

Former UFC title challenger Darren Till reveals that he was sued for over $1 million after starting his beer company, ‘Raw Dog.

Till’s banter both on the mic and on social media has always helped him gain more of a spotlight throughout his career. However, it has been his love/hate relationship with Mike Perry that secured him the most attention outside of the cage. 

Their relationship has been up and down over the years, starting off as potential opponents the competitive rivalry eventually lead to a now infamous sparring session. Things cooled off, the pair shared some friendly exchanges before comments from Till in reference to Perry’s partner angered ‘Platinum’ and spawned Darren Till’s ‘Rawdog’ catchphrase. 

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The Rawdog thing really took off and Till attempted to capitalise on it, creating a brand named after it. However, things went quiet and in a recent media appearance Darren Till revealed why. 

“I got sued for $1.4 million!” ‘The Gorilla’ claimed. “Raw Dog got sued. So it was going well, and I was actually saying to the guys, we need to give Adesanya some percent, and Perry. And then there’s a brand in England called G-Star Raw and it’s trademarked and they own the rights to the name ‘raw.’ So they sued us, and we couldn’t trade anymore. They sent us a cease and desist letter, and that was the end of Raw.” (H/T MMA Mania)

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Till and Perry now seem friendly, in fact this came from an appearance on Perry’s podcast. However, the pair have discussed the prospect of the two boxing each other. 

When will Darren Till fight again?

Since officially departing from the UC back in March of last year, Till has always been steadfast on returning to the promotion at some point. The Scouser has been plagued with injuries throughout his career, including several serious knee issues and claims he plans on getting healthy before making a return to MMA. 

Till has been boxing in the meantime and plans on making a run at the sport before stepping back into the cage. In particular, Till has been targeting a fight with Perry.

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“To be totally honest with you, my mind’s only been set on one thing, on one person [and that’s] the Mike Perry fight,” Till said of his return. “Obviously, he became the ‘King of Violence’ inside bare knuckle.

“It’s a fight that’s been destined now for seven years me and him. So, I’m really pushing for it. I don’t know what his team and that are doing, I don’t feel they’re pushing for it as much. I don’t know what the reasons are.”

What do you think is next for Darren Till?