Darren Till refuses to fight Mike Perry in BKFC grudge match: ‘I’m not busting my face up at 31’

Darren Till refuses to fight Mike Perry in BKFC I don't wanna bust you my face

Former UFC fighter Darren Till isn’t interested in fighting Mike Perry bare-knuckle but would box him.

Till and Perry have taken shots at one another for years now and many fans have wanted to see them fight, but nothing has come to fruition. However, Till is hopeful the two fight but says it won’t be in bare-knuckle.

“I don’t care, I will fight him,” Darren Till explained on The MMA Hour. “I’m not saying no because I’m scared, I’m saying no because I don’t need to fight bare-knuckle right now. I’m not busting my face up at 31, f— that. What birds are going to look at me?”

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Till is coming off his boxing debut where he fought Mohammad Mutie at Social Knockout 3. After touching Mutie in the back of the head, his opponent rolled on the floor and couldn’t continue and the ref gave the win to Till. After the fight, Mutie tried to brawl Till, which he didn’t seem to care about.

Darren Till eyes imminent boxing debut fight I will batter every one of yas
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“Mate, you’re an MMA fighter and you’re a fighter. This shit happens,” Darren Till said. “You’re rolling around on the floor for 20 minutes? Like, paramedics in there? And I’m just looking in disbelief, I’m like, ‘Is this really happening in my return?’ I just couldn’t believe it. I just think he just wanted a way out. He just felt my power in there, he knew I was finding my range, I was probably going to knock him out in that round. That’s what I was thinking in my head. And then, yeah, get the win off that, and then hell ensued.”

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Darren till eyes big fights in boxing

After Darren Till won his boxing debut, he says the goal is to get a big fight next time out.

Mike Perry eyes 2024 boxing match with Darren Till I want hit him for things he said
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Till called out Jake Paul, Mike Perry, Jorge Masvidal, or Nate Diaz and believes he can get one of them next time out.

“There was a definitive winner, mate. The guy was rolling around for 20 minutes on the floor,” Till said when asked about a rematch. “He’s had his five minutes of fame. That was just a get-me-out-quick thing. He was never, ever going to win the fight. He was never going to do anything. He knows that as well. Even before the fight, he knew that.”

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Mike Perry BKFC IV 2

Till is currently 1-0 as a boxer and does not have his next fight booked.