It appears that Daniel Cormier has finally had enough of Jon Jones.

Heading into his heavyweight title fight with champ Stipe Miocic at July 7’s UFC 226, the UFC light heavyweight champion recently claimed he wouldn’t give former rival Jon Jones a platform to stay relevant while “Bones” was yet again suspended for steroids.

Cormier doubled down on that during an appearance on the inaugural episode of “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” on ESPN today (June 25, 2018), insisting the controversial former champion just wasn’t relevant, so he didn’t deserve to stick his nose in:

“I’m just done with the whole thing. I have an opportunity to go out there and make history. For me, everything tied to him [Jones] is irrelevant. It’s like he’s sticking his nose in a place where he truly doesn’t belong right now because he’s suspended.”

However, that was before Jones stuck his nose in and made things personal by insisting Cormier’s wife knew he dreamt about “Bones” at night:

By that point, Cormier had had enough and posted a seething response to Jonesthat brought his own lady friend into question:

The gloves are off on social media between Cormier and “Bones,” but then again, they have been since their infamous UFC 178 media day melee way back in 2014.

Jones, of course, outlasted Cormier by unanimous decision in their first match at January 2015’s UFC 182 before going on a concerning downward spiral for the better part of two years until returning to beat “DC” a second time at UFC 214 in July 2017. The would-be all-time great was suspended a second time for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) shortly thereafter, and could now acquire a long suspension from USADA soon.

Cormier could become arguably the greatest fighter of all-time if he can beat Miocic at UFC 226, but Jones has beaten him twice and is therefore insisting on putting his own name back into the conversation.

As always, that will most likely be on “Bones'” ability to pass the pre- and post-fight drug tests more than his ability to actually win the fight.