Dan Hardy, the former UFC welterweight and fan favorite commentator, wants his job back.

‘The Outlaw’ was released by the promotion after a verbal disagreement with a female UFC employee on Fight island back in January. Still, he is hopeful to return. Details have not surfaced about what happened. Yet, Hardy says the events have been misrepresented and that he is still looking for clarity.

During an interview with Submission Radio, Hardy was asked about the “elephant in the room,” his UFC exit.

“I think the Herb Dean situation didn’t work in my favor,” Hardy remarked. He explained that the disagreement occurred because he felt the employee was obstructing him from doing his job. He also felt that she was withholding opportunities from him.

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Hardy continued, “You know obviously there was there was a little frustration there but it was purely a disagreement. I think the aftermath of it is much more about, you know, my calling the person out on not speaking the truth.” He claims that he was respectful but forthright. Hardy is frustrated with how his departure has been handled. As a contractor and not employee of the UFC, the information he has received has been limited.

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Hardy: “If they call me up, and they’re like hey, you know, parachute in on a Union Jack flag for 261, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”

Though frustrated, Hardy remains hopeful that he will return to his commentator duties with the promotion in the future. He is contract with the UFC as a fighter. Hardy also shared that he has not spoken to Dana White to understand his thoughts on the situation. He’s concerned that White may have misconceptions about what occurred.

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“I kind of don’t know exactly what’s happened and my concern is that Dana’s got a perspective of the situation that’s not true and that, that’s what concerns me more than anything. Like I could not sit octagon side ever again as long as Dana doesn’t have this misconception of who I am because that would really frustrate me,” Hardy shared.

Hardy is now hosting The Dan Hardy Breakdown Show on BT.

Do you think that Dan Hardy will return to the UFC commentator team in 2021?