Cris Cyborg Considers The Impact Of CTE In MMA Following Domestic Violence Arrests

Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg has voiced her concern about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in MMA following the arrest of three high-fighters for domestic violence incidents in the past few weeks.

According to the NHS, CTE is a progressive brain condition that’s thought to be caused by repeated blows to the head and repeated episodes of concussion. It was previously known as “punch drunk” syndrome. One of the main symptoms of CTE is changes in mood such as frequent mood swings, depression, and feeling increasingly anxious, frustrated, or agitated.

On Monday, it was revealed that UFC legend, Chuck Liddell had recently been arrested following an alleged incident of domestic violence. As of right now, little is known of Liddell’s confrontation with his wife other than it escalated from a verbal exchange to a physical one.

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The Bellator featherweight champion took to social media soon after news of Liddell’s arrest began to circulate. Cyborg pointed out that it is often loved ones who are first to notice the violent changes in someone who is suffering from CTE.

“One of the first signs of widespread CTE in the NFL came when close family members started to notice violent changes in their loved ones personalities,” Cyborg wrote. “We are still new to the sport of MMA and just now discovering the lasting effects of competition.”

Last week, Luis Pena was arrested on charges of domestic violence and battery. The UFC lightweight fighter was also arrested back in June under similar circumstances. Following that arrest ‘Violent Bob Ross’ released a statement about his long-term battle with mental health issues.

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In September, Jon Jones was arrested in relation to an alleged domestic violence incident. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion was inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier in the evening before he apparently got physical with his long-term partner, prompting one of his children to ask for the police to be called. Jones has since pointed to alcohol as the reason for his latest arrest and posted images with his fiancée that shows them kissing and making up.

Do you Cris Cyborg has a point? Could the recent cases of domestic violence from MMA fighters be related to CTE?