Video – BJJ ace Craig Jones lands stunning flying triangle submission of UFC star Phil Rowe against wall

Craig Jones lands stunning flying triangle win against wall in fight with UFC star Phil Rowe

BJJ Ace Craig Jones secured a win over UFC welterweight contender Phil Rowe last night in little over a minute of their submission grappling match. 

Jones added yet another notch to his belt after landing a flying triangle during Krate Combat 44 in what was part of their Pit Submission Series. Prior to their match, Craig Jones spoke to the importance of securing a finish, even if it was just to get a one up on his friend. Check out the impressive submission below

Craig Jones used wall to land flying triangle

Phil Rowe faced Nicky Rod,” Jones bag via the El Segundo Podcast Clips YouTube channel. “Nicky Rod couldn’t finish him, that enticed me to do the match because I said ‘Hey if Nicky Rod couldn’t finish him and I can finish him, when I finally return to the B-Team I can say hey kiss the ring mate, the king of B-team is back’. And he’s a mid-30s cocaine and Xanax-addicted professional athlete and he submitted an opponent you couldn’t.” 

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In the same video, Jones also discussed how the Pit wall could change the dynamic of the match, much like it did in his actual finish. 

“We’ll actually be in the Pit,” Jones said. “It’s actually really f*****g stirred my interest. The shape of the Pit is sick, it’s not fence wrestling – if I shoot on you and your back hits the wall, there’s a platform for you to use the wall to stay up. But the pit is an angle. If I shoot on you can’t sprawl your feet are going to hit the base of the pit. Maybe you jump your feet up the Pit and you do some young Anthony Pettis s**t but how many people are gonna do that? For me, I think if you shoot a double, there’s no ability to sprawl you can just run them into the pit wall.”

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Outside of competition Jones has become a very popular figure not just in the BJJ world but has made himself in the MMA sphere. Jones has amassed a good following on social media and continues to put more time into YouTube and podcasts. 

Who would you like to see Craig Jones face next?