The UFC’s biggest current star is without doubt Conor McGregor. The featherweight champion has spent the last three years dominating the headlines since his debut win over Marcus Brimage. From day one ‘The Notorious’ verbally slated the division, claiming he’d behead Jose Aldo when the two finally met. At the time ‘Scarface’ was the undisputed king of the division. The Brazilian striker crossed over from the WEC and until meeting the Irishman at UFC 194, had tasted only one defeat back in 2005.

Much like with his opponents leading up to December 2015, McGregor made good on his promise to KO Aldo. 13 seconds after the fight started, the previously dominant Brazilian had big John McCarthy telling him how the fight ended. One swift and well-timed left hand to the chin had stifled the former king, and so McGregor’s rise to the top at 145 was complete. Now it was time for ‘The Notorious’ show to really hit the road.



Although the last 10 months have seen Conor McGregor go 1-1 in the octagon, the Irish striker has seen unmatched levels of fame. He’s literally everywhere right now. Hollywood movie roles beckon, countless magazine covers, numerous businesses and plenty of other highly profitable ventures highlight McGregor’s recent months. The enigmatic featherweight champion arguably doesn’t need to fight anymore, and his return to 145 pounds is by no means set in stone yet.

McGregor revealed through his website ‘The Mac Life’ and via Instagram that he’s starring in the latest addition to the Call of Duty video game series. Scheduled for release on November 4, ‘Infinite Warfare’ also features ‘Game of Thrones’ lead man Kit Harington. The multi-billion dollar series of first person shooters is arguably the most popular current video game on the market. It’s also another lucrative move for McGregor, as he puts his thumbs in yet another dollar-filled pie.

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