Conor McGregor shoots down the possibility of another boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and himself.

‘Money’ was adamant that he and McGregor would meet in the ring once again, but it seems as if McGregor isn’t having it. Mayweather was debating on whether the fight would be an exhibition match or a professional bout, like the first match between the two was. Mayweather walked out of the match with his perfect record in tact, but McGregor did look good in a few of their exchanges. It was McGregor’s first boxing match of his career, although he curated his legendary status in the UFC with his excellent boxing.

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Mayweather claimed that he was looking to take fights against YouTubers, and fighters like McGregor. He threw shade at McGregor by saying he doesn’t hit hard and he wouldn’t take much damage in a match with him.

McGregor ended up walking away from that bout with Mayweather with 130 million dollars in his bank account and helped land him on the list of richest athletes in the world. Just off that money, McGregor went on to invest and sell his own whiskey, which is constantly being advertised whenever there is a fight.

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Conor McGregor just had two words for the possibility of a rematch between Mayweather

“Not interested” McGregor commented under a post on Instagram.

McGregor has been training for another MMA comeback. In his last match against Dustin Poirier, the legendary fighter broke his leg and he has been out of commission since. McGregor’s stance proves he is “sticking to his guns”, and preparing to make another run in the UFC. McGregor fighting Mayweather may have been the best thing for him financially, but his MMA career took a bit of a dip due to his inactivity.

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McGregor’s best bet is to come back, get a few tune up fights against tough, but not elite opponents. This way McGregor can get back to his dominant ways.

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