Conor McGregor has ‘A lot of say’ in BKFC after striking ownership deal: ‘We’re going to get a lot of usage out of him’

Conor McGregor has a lot to say as part of BKFC deal we're gonna get a lot of usage out of him

Conor McGregor is now a minority owner of BKFC, as it was announced during the broadcast of KnuckleMania 4.

McGregor has been at BKFC events in the past, but the partnership did come as a bit of a surprise. Although McGregor is only a minority owner, Feldman revealed he has a lot of say, as BKFC wants to use his star power to help bring more awareness to the promotion.

“He’s a minority owner, but he has a lot of say in this company,” Feldman said on Sirius XM’s MMA Today (via MMAMania). “He’s going to be part of the board. So, we’re going to get a lot of usage out of Conor McGregor. And so far, so good. You know, very, very enthusiastic. I just hope things keep moving that way.

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“We wouldn’t have gotten Conor McGregor involved to be a silent owner,” Feldman added. “Like, we don’t just want him to be a partner and not say anything, and not do anything, and not help move the needle. We got him involved to really help move the needle for us, to do different introductions, come up with some good ideas. He built himself into superstardom, so hopefully he can help some other fighters do that as well.”

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What Conor McGregor will do with BKFC is uncertain, but having him involved in the promotion will no doubt help bring more eyes to the promotion.

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Conor McGregor won’t fight in BKFC

Although Conor McGregor is now a minority owner of BKFC, David Feldman says he won’t be fighting for the promotion.

“No, [fighting for BKFC] hasn’t been talked about at all,” he said. “It’s not part of this deal. Him and UFC go together very well, and he’s he’s going ride that out. I guess we’ll see what happens after that. But, right now, he wants to obviously get these two fights over with, create a lot of viewership, and make a lot of money.”

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McGregor is under contract with the UFC and is set to return at UFC 303 on June 29 against Michael Chandler. It’s an intriguing fight, but after he fights out his UFC contract, Feldman isn’t ruling out him competing at BKFC.