Conor McGregor claims Dillon Danis did ‘Better than Nate Diaz’ after his battle with Logan Paul

Conor McGregor Dillon Danis Nate Diaz

In classic fashion, Conor McGregor took to Twitter after the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight and shared some brutally honest thoughts about the bout and performances by both men.

Danis and Paul finally threw down after years of beef at Misfits Boxing: The PRIME this Saturday. Despite some dramatic buildup, it really wasn’t much of a fight. With, Danis refusing to truly box, and instead opting to just utilize any bit of his grappling that he could. It was a bizarre turn of events and actually led to ‘El Jefe’ getting DQ’d in the sixth round after he attempted a takedown and then took a swing at the security guard who was trying to break it up.

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Despite the weird way that the fight drew out, it seemed Conor McGregor was a fan of the drama. After the fights, ‘The Notorious’ took to Twitter in classic fashion to give his opinion on the matter.

Conor McGregor claims he was impressed with Dillon Danis, takes a shot at Nate Diaz

With a flurry of now-deleted tweets, McGregor lofted praise upon Danis and took a shot at his old rival. “I was impressed by (Dillon Danis),” McGregor said (H/T Bloody Elbow).

“I’ll tell you what,” Conor McGregor continued. “It was better than Nate Diaz doing anything. That was a show!”

During his post-fight interview, Logan Paul opened up about some of the challenges he faced heading into this fight with Danis. He claimed it was made even more rough due to the constant harassment he received online from Danis and others during the leadup to the fight. McGregor would also touch upon this in his tweets.

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“Are you not entertained! I was impressed,” Conor McGregor continued in a now-deleted voice note (H/T Happy Punch). “Good shots, (Danis) needs to believe in his shots more and more and let them go, some of them were alright. Some of them he was throwing were alright, he just needed to let them go a bit more.”

“What did your man do anyway, he didn’t even wobble him, he didn’t even hurt him, you little fool,” McGregor mocked. “You were in a dark spot? Guess what mate, you’re back in a dark spot now, back into the locker room…thinking about all the s—t you’ve been going through. You’re still in a dark spot, bro. You’ve done nothing! You’ve done nothing!”

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