UFC 296 Headliner Colby Covington slams ‘Sensitive Soy Boy’ Ian Garry in Expletive-Filled Attack

Colby Covington Ian Garry

As bad as things have been for Ian Garry, they’re about to get a hell of a lot worse.

On December 16, ‘The Future’ will return to the Octagon at UFC 296 for a welterweight clash with No. 8 ranked contender Vicente Luque. But before he steps in the cage, Garry will step on the stage to take part in the pre-fight press event alongside one of the most outspoken personalities in mixed martial arts, Colby Covington.

Known for his brutal burns and scathing slams, Covington likely has a notebook of insults ready to go once he’s within earshot of the rising Irish star.

Already getting started, ‘Chaos’ shared his take on Garry’s response to all of the backlash he has been dealt over the last several weeks.

“I’ve had death threats. Bombings. People have wanted to kill me after Brazil,” Covington said during an interview with All Out Fighting. “I never turned off my social media. I never turned off my comments. Look at that little Ian Garry. He’s turning off his comments like a little f*cking sensitive soy boy.

So, you know, he ain’t tough. He ain’t the biggest and baddest f*cking fighter in this division. That guy’s a f*cking joke. He’s a little f*cking kid.”

will Colby Covington 1-Up Sean Strickland at the expense of ian garry?

Garry’s social media channels went private shortly after UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland released a video addressing a book Garry’s wife, Layla Anna-Lee, had written more than a decade ago entitled How to Be a WAG. The guidebook of sorts advises older women on how to date and marry young athletes and celebrities. Anna-Lee has since claimed that the book was meant to be satirical, but given the fact that she is 14 years older than Garry, not everyone was buying her explanation.

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Strickland took particular exception to the news, calling Anna-Lee a “succubus” and a “predator” in multiple online attacks that prompted Garry to threaten legal action against ‘Tarzan’ before limiting his audience on socials.

If Ian Garry had a hard time dealing with Sean Strickland’s insults, he’s in for a world of hurt when he steps into the same room with Colby Covington.