Chael Sonnen resumed his beef with Jon Jones just as the latter resumed his own with Daniel Cormier.

Jones and Cormier have been going back-and-forth recently after “DC” claimed the former couldn’t be part of the GOAT conversation because of his history of failed drug tests.

With Cormier remaining adamant that Jones cheated during his career, “Bones” brought up some counter points on Wednesday.

“USADA crucifies beloved cancer survivor Lance Armstrong but allows party boy Jon Jones to fly under the radar. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. 🥴 It’s funny how the allegation is credible but the vindication isn’t.

“Ask any steroid user you know if they would be able to win fights in the UFC for over a decade 😂 Ask them if they could out wrestle Olympians.

“How about our good buddy Chael a known steroid user, how did that work out for him? 🥴”

Of course, there is no love lost between Jones and Sonnen as the latter quickly fired back.

“Pipe down. Adults are talking.

“Your assessment of me is as unconnected w/reality as your “Jon gives moral guidance to the rioters” & “Jon “ShotGun” Jones chases down Burglar” home movies Get better writers

“And… Have somebody play you in your fake clips You’re as bad at acting as you are at lying to Cops”

Sonnen is referring to recent incidents involving Jones such as him chasing down a burglar from his home earlier this month with the implication that they were all planned by him.

Jones hasn’t responded as of yet but one thing is for sure — this isn’t the last of the pair’s beef with each other by a long shot.

What do you make of Sonnen’s response?