Jon Jones did not take too kindly to Daniel Cormier’s recent comments.

Amid the ongoing GOAT debate launched by Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement last month, Cormier recently claimed the likes of Jones and Anderson Silva weren’t in the conversation for him because of their failed drug tests in the past.

“You hit a baseball, the baseball has no feeling,” Cormier said. “You’re hitting it with a bat and look how they treat Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Look at how they treat those guys in that sport. You know what’s crazy about that, too? In baseball they treat Barry Bonds and them like that and it wasn’t even illegal. There was no rule that said those guys couldn’t take steroids and look at how they treat them. Look at how they treat them.

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“Jones was having bad tests while we had USADA and people still want to place him at the top of the all time greatest list. That’s crazy. It wasn’t even illegal in baseball in the late 90’s and those guys are hitting homeruns freaking 50 yards longer than they ever have. It’s just a different sport obviously, but it just seems like the possibilities of damage are just so much more severe in mixed martial arts. For anyone, even Anderson [Silva]. Anderson was the man. Bad tests, I don’t care if it’s for viagra, it does not matter. It’s a bad test. Bad tests in a combat sport where you’re punching people, just not right. It eliminates you.”

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Jones, of course, tested positive for clomiphene and letrozole before his UFC 200 fight with Cormier. He later tested positive for turinabol following his UFC 214 win over Cormier a year later as it was eventually overturned to a no contest.

And it didn’t take long for “Bones” to come across those comments as the former light heavyweight champion — widely regarded by many as the GOAT of mixed martial arts — took to social media to respond to Cormier.

“With USADA you are guilty until proven innocent unless you are the goat. When you’ve been winning this damn long, you remain guilty, it helps people sleep at night

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“People will remember I was accused of steroids, they will also remember that I was proven innocent and able to continue with my career. #Facts

“DC you lost your last fight and then quit the sport 😂 Talk about being eliminated from the conversation 🥴”

Of course, Cormier was going to retire from the sport regardless of his result against Stipe Miocic — but that won’t stop Jones from taking a dig at his old rival.

Cormier is yet to respond at the moment but given his history and rivalry with Jones, it would be highly surprising if he didn’t.

What do you make of Jones’ response and do you agree or disagree with Cormier’s comments?

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