Brendan Schaub Reacts To Conor McGregor Incident: ‘I Finally Have To Stop Defending Him’

Brendan Schaub

Conor McGregor continues to get in trouble. He had the phone incident in Miami, now he has allegedly punched a man in a bar. For former fighter-turned-comedian, Brendan Schaub, he believes fans have had enough of the Irishman’s antics. And so has he, as he explained on his “Below The Belt” podcast.

“Breaks my heart, man,” Schaub said. “Can’t f*ck with him anymore, can we? I finally have to stop defending him. Throwing the dolly, doing the other stuff; beating up goons in Dublin, slapping some fat dude’s hand and his phone drops – I don’t care about any of that. This? God, dude. Can’t defend him can we? There’s nothing we can do. He just sucker-punched this old man because he didn’t want to drink his whiskey.”

Not only does he believe that, but he also says Nate Diaz, who recently returned at UFC 241, has become the bigger star than McGregor. 

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“Exactly [Nate is slowly becoming the A-side],” Schaub said. “I think now because of what Conor’s doing, we’re all like, ‘Ah, alright man, we’re out.’ And then Nate Diaz somehow gone from heel to foe and we’re like, we’re rooting for him; we want him to get paid, we want to see him fight big fights. Yeah. You’re kinda like, ‘Holy f*ck. Nate Diaz is the good dude here.’ Just because what Conor – all the shenanigans he’s done. And for me to go, ‘Dude I can’t defend you’ is a sh – truckload.”

There is no question fans are starting to get frustrated by McGregor’s antics and, Schaub is no different. Many people just want to see him fight again and stay out of trouble. But, if his interview with ESPN is any indication, he seems eager to fight again, and the hope for many is he does. Of course, he has not fought since he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the fourth round at UFC 229 in their lightweight title affair. 

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McGregor still is arguably the biggest star in MMA, but Schaub and many have had enough with the problems he has had outside of the Octagon

Do you agree with Schaub that fans are tired of Conor McGregor’s antics?