Bloodstain Lane’s Blog #5: Greg Jackson’s camp, Brock Lesnar, Megumi Fujii and a few words of wisdom

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What’s up you f*cking Bozo’s? Bloodstain is back with another blog for you pencil neck geeks

My Twitter War with Nathan “Hotdog” Marquardt has really took off and now it has got to the point where he invited me to spar and roll with him so he can beat me down. I know the cards are REALLY stacked against me, but one thing I do know is I’m not scared. I will approach this with a Chute Boxe & Hari/Manhoef Mentality.

– Jon “Bones” Jones also said I aint an Alpha male. Words of wisdom to the “Black Sammy The Bull Gravano”, who likes to snitch on people: ( )….ALWAYS KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND NEVER TELL ON YOUR FRIENDS. Snitches get stitches where I’m coming from.

– Greg Jackson Team is now known as “Condom Fighters” cause all they do is play it safe.

– Megumi Fujii aka “Mega Megu” is fighting this week. This woman is the equivalent of Fedor to me. Every time you watch her fight you are witnessing once in lifetime greatness. She reminds me of a real life Manga Character. Awesome to watch

– Maximo Blanco is also fighting this week. This dude is a throwback to the old Chute Boxe Days, with World Class Wrestling. One of my top prospects in MMA

– ALSO, Magomed Shikshabekov is fighting this week. This is my #1 prospect in MMA right now. He reminds me of a 170lb Fedor. Can’t wait to witness his career.

– Well looks like the “Zuffa Hype Machine” had a meltdown with the loss of Brock Lesnar aka “The White Bob Sapp”. I never seen a fighter labeled “The Baddest Man on the Planet” curl up, run, cover up and spin like a Ballerina. I can’t believe some clowns actually say this guy would have beaten Fedor.

– Tito needs to stop fighting. The game has passed him up. Maybe he can start doing porn (No Homo) with his wife.

– Jake Shields’ new sponsors are 1800-Mattress and Nyquil.

– It always makes me laugh to hear Dana say if you’re not in the UFC then you’re not a top fighter. I guess Travis Browne is better than Fedor, Ubereem and Barnett….GTFO HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT!

– I am addicted to the EA MMA Game. I will fuck up anyone with Nick Diaz.


-Mike’s Gym (Badr Hari, Melvin Manhoef, Joeri mes, Murthel Groenhart, Rachiel Belaini) are the Kickboxing version of Chute Boxe. BAD ASS DUDES!!!

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