Many thought the Dillon Danis news had reached its’ peak in comedic attributes, but Michael Bisping is here to tell everyone, it only gets funnier.

Last week Danis was arrested after not showing I.D at a bar in New Jersey and causing a huge scene by trying to throw a punch at the bouncer at the bar. The bouncer ended up throwing the Bellator prospect into a choke and proceeded to tap the jiu-jitsu world champion out.

Bisping is here to pour more gasoline on the fire. According to Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping, “The guy isn’t even a full time security man, he’s not a full time bouncer. He’s actually a chocolatier, that’s what he does for a living. The guy is a f***ing chocolatier, he’s a master of chocolates, that’s what he does and he was short on cash so he was doing a few hours as a doorman. He’s never done jiu-jitsu, he’s done a little bit of Krav Maga.” (Sportskeeda)

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Just as you thought it couldn’t get any funnier, it does. Not only did Dillon Danis pull out a google image of himself as his I.D as a way to get into the club, he also got choked out by a pedestrian. To add to even that, he got choked out by a guy that makes chocolate! That’s like LeBron James getting dunked on by an electrician that hasn’t played basketball since his freshman year of high school.

Bisping was already taking shots at Danis earlier this past week by calling him a “broke version of Conor McGregor” among other things. He also called for Danis to flat out leave and retire from MMA as well.

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The security guard has also given his full story on what happened as well recently and by all accounts, seems to be a pretty cool guy.

Could this story of Dillon Danis’s arrest get any funnier?