Ben Askren Says Jon Jones Should Be Annoyed At The UFC Over The Vitor Belfort Situation

Ben Askren

Ever since Jon Jones was stripped of the UFC light heavyweight championship following a car accident that involved him running a red light and crashing into a pregnant lady that resulted in breaking her arm. He has been quite, and the public has not heard from him.

In the meantime, a report from Deadspin’s Josh Gross was released earlier this week alleging that Vitor Belfort tested positive for unusually high levels of testosterone prior his UFC 152 fight against Jones, and that the UFC was aware of the results but failed to disclose them to neither Jones nor the public. Not the best thing to happen to the UFC this week.

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Jones’ manager Malki Kaka revealed Thursday on Twitter that Jones was “very angry” regarding the matter.

Jones beat Belfort less than a month after the cancellation of UFC 151 in the main event of UFC 152.

However, prior to that, once the news broke of the canalization of UFC 151, UFC President Dana White commented on the situation, “UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered.””””

ONE welterweight champion Ben Askren commented on the situation recently on Periscope.

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“It’s really hilarious that Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine in a test which he should not have been tested for, right? Because they’re not supposed to test for recreational drugs outside of competition. And the UFC made that public, or that was made public, right? And it’s not supposed to be,” Askren said on Friday.

“And on the flip side, when Jon Jones fought Vitor Belfort, [Belfort] tested positive for a substance, or was over the limits for a substance he wasn’t supposed to be using, and that was covered up. Dude, if I was Jon Jones, I’d be so f–king annoyed right now. I would be so annoyed if I was Jon Jones right now that the UFC is making my stuff public, which is not supposed to be public, and they’re keeping Vitor under wraps when he’s fighting me, when he’s clearly, clearly, blatantly cheating. Wow, I would be mad.”